Friday: Today I was tricked by an April Fool's joke on Youtube. Apparently, Youtube is celebrating April Fool's 2011 by putting videos in black and white (Just for today, Thank God!.) It's called Youtube 1911. God, I thought something was wrong with my computer, lol! Anyways, the Nintendo 3DS (As many of you know) was released a while ago on Sunday, March 27, 2011. Before anyone asks, I MIGHT get it, but if I do, it won't be for a while. I have other stuff to buy with my money. It's pretty rainy today in Hawaii. Weather's been weird, lol. If I ever find out the name of that Loading Level music in DKCR, I'd be SOOOO pleased!(: I'm in the mood for some Sweet Tooth stuff, but maybe later.   

Oh, yeah! Below, I want to list some (IMO) hardest bosses of 2010/11. 1. Tiki Tong-DKCR: Hard as heck! How do you avoid those HANDS?!!!!): 2. Captain Jelly-Sonic Colors: This is insane! How does he pop up?!!! UGHHHH!!!!! 3. Crowded Cavern-DKCR: I know this isn't a boss, but hardest LEVEL of 2010/11! I wanted to go to Walt Disney World in Florida next February (For my birthday) but I read they get horrible Thunderstorms, and I loath those!): We already get bad enough storms in Hawaii, lol! Anyways, If you guys out there are wondering why if my name (Thomas) is Ben2000 on Formspring. Here's your answer: My older BROTHER is named Ben, and Thomas4565 was not acceptable, so I just used my brother's name.

Yeah, that Pig up there (The one from DKCR) is SOOOO cute! (lol.)

I also will be celebrating since this is my very first blog (EVER!)(: I never felt the Happiness and Joy of sharing my interests with the internet! I'm actually pretty shy in person. The tikis of DKCR makes me think of my wonderful Hawaiian state! Yeah!(: My dog (Maggie) has been very strange this week. I wonder if it's just me, or is she licking her own stomach?): I don't know. Anyways, I'll finish this blog tomorrow.(:

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