I know this may sound a little silly, but I LOVE collecting new releases, and I want to get my hands on the 3Ds. I have money to spend on OTHER things, but still, why not get it? I mean, it looks cool. If any game was playable on it, I'd probably get it-but not until the price goes down (if it does) to $60/70 or something. I'm pretty excited about next February because of Disney World in Florida! I'll have fun, I know it! (Like I said, it's still a matter of Overcoming my Thunder and Lightning fear).): For some reason, Super Guide (in DKCR) is unavailable at the Golden Temple. Can anyone tell me why?): Anyways, Super Guide (if anyone's wondering) is when a Pig pops up in a level you're having trouble with. If you press +, the Pig will start talking to you and offering to play through that level for you. Look it up on this Wiki for more info.                                                                               Anyways, I'm going to see Hop tomorrow in theaters. It's that weird-looking Easter Bunny that is being hidden in this guy's house or something. Look it up. I'll post the link later.(:                                                                       I know this has been a short blog, but I have stuff to do today, like Mirror Mode. See ya!(:

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