Hi, guys! Tomorrow's the First of May, so that'll hopefully be cool!=(:/):. I went on my FIRST VACATION EVERRRRR to The United KIngdom Last Week. Then, something WEIRD happened, LOL! Here's the story: I was walking in my british cousin Brian's garden. It was beautiful, but there was one thing NOT so beautiful. A creature. I was going through the bushes, planting, and found this creature. Coincidence how I was just readin' 'bout Fairies in HP (Harry Potter) the other day in Fantastic Beasts/Where To Find Them. The thing WAS A FAIRY-LIKE INSECT!=): And the insect was NOT happy; he flew in front of me and took ofz. HOLY CRAP, ROFL! The creature I took a photo of, and it looked like a strange, prehistoric-like creature. It buzzed. Maybe I'm being watched...

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