For the stage, see Vine Valley (Donkey Kong Country Returns).
Map Vine Valley Map
Vine Valley GBA
Boss(es) Queen B.
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Vine Valley is the third area of Donkey Kong Island found in Donkey Kong Country. The area is a vast pine tree forest that includes a small treehouse village with a bridge connected to a small jungle, along with a temple at a large bay connected to the ocean, and is approximately around dusk time that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong reach here. Queen B. is the third boss of the area and is, interestingly enough, the only female boss in the game. Manky Kongs appear to have migrated here after their banishment from the Kong Family, as they dwell in the jungle level found later in the area, "Orang-utan Gang".

Adjacent worlds

Backward: Monkey Mines

Forward: Gorilla Glacier


Vulture Culture

This is the first level of Vine Valley. This is also the very first forest level. The area is mostly infested with Neckies and Mini-Neckies, which must be either avoided or jumped on. Mini-Neckys make their debut appearance in this level; despite the "mini" in their name, however, they can be more threatening than a regular Necky due to the fact that it shoots projectile nuts from its mouth, and because of their same size, can be harder to hit.

Tree Top Town

Tree Top Town is the second level and first "treehouse town" level of Vine Valley. The area has many barrel cannons to cross gaps from treehouse to treehouse. Tree Top Town is an unusually complex system of treehouses, littered with endless pits and Kritters, so timing and practice is needed to pass. Experienced players usually do not have much trouble after a few tries.

Forest Frenzy

Forest Frenzy is the third level of Vine Valley. The level contains less grounded platforms and many ropes and in which many enemies (mostly Zingers) will try to knock the Kongs off. The main enemies are adult Neckies and Zingers flying into the Kong's way while crossing on ropes, and patience with good timing will make the journey easier. The heroes should remember that, when there are two Kongs, one can be sacrificed as a last resort, seeing how there are usually DK barrels after the ropes.

Temple Tempest*

This is the fourth level of Vine Valley and the final ruins level. Pink Gnawties on stone wheels will chase the Kongs throughout the level. The Gnawties will roll in their large stone wheels like hamsters, and their wheel is quite large. Usually a rubber tire will save the Kongs from being run over.

Orang-utan Gang

This is the fifth level of Vine Valley. The level is the fourth and final jungle level. What makes this level unique is that it takes place on the treetops instead of on the forest floor. The level is mostly treetops and becomes dusk at the beginning. Manky Kongs make their debut appearance, and they are Orang-utans, hence the level name. This is one of the longer levels, particularly since there are long rows in trees to hop on. Jumping Kritters reside here, as well as a few Klap-Traps and Zingers. Expresso appears half way through the level.

Clam City*

This is the sixth and final level of Vine Valley. This is the second underwater level. Each certain area is infested with Clambos that spit out pearls at the Kongs, usually at an angle. Simply waiting and timing their pearls will make the level easier than it appears. The level background is a bit darker than Coral Capers and is a sea instead of a small lake. Enguarde can be found yet again, though cannot harm the Clambos or the pearls they spit out.

Bumble B. Rumble

After defeating the boss, Queen B, the Kongs gain access to the World 4: Gorilla Glacier. Boss: Queen B.: This boss is fairly simple. Queen B. will fly around, often hovering below the Kongs. They must simply bombard her with barrels until she falls to her defeat. (Note: Queen B. will fly faster after about three hits, out of rage.The Kongs must be aware of this attack. After Queen B.'s defeat, the Kongs will be able to progress to World 4: Gorilla Glacier.



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