Xylobone is a member of the Tiki Tak Tribe found in the Cliff world. It hypnotizes creatures that inhabit the Cliff world, including his own airship fleet. He is seen in world 6-B, where he possesses Thugly and fights the Kongs. After Thugly is dealt with, Xylobone, like all of the other Tiki leaders, is sent flying with a punch from Donkey and/or Diddy Kong.

Xylobone's tune is the Kalimba base tune with a xylophone playing in the background.


  • Xylobone resembles a trilobite, probably because of the prehistoric theme of the Cliff world.
  • Presumably, it is Xylobone's airship fleet that attacks the Kongs in world 6-7.
  • Xylobone could possibly have brought the Skellyrexes back to life.
  • Xylobone is the only Tiki leader who acts like he can still fight after defeat.
  • Xylobone is one of the of the few Tikis that does not look like his instrument name says.