The Xylophone Tiki is a member of the Tiki Tak Tribe found in the world Cliff. It commands all the Tikis and hypnotizes creatures that inhabit the Cliff world, as well as his own airship fleet. He is seen in world 6-B, where he posseses a beast named Thugly and fights the Kongs. After Thugly is dealt with, Xylophone, like all of the other Tiki leaders, is sent flying with a punch from Donkey Kong and/or Diddy Kong.


  • Xylophone Tiki resembles a trilobite, probably because of the prehistoric theme of the Cliff world.
  • Presumably, it is Xylophone's airship fleet that attacks the Kongs in world 6-7.
  • Xylophone Tiki could possibly have brought the Skellyrexes of the Cliff back to life.
  • Xylophone Tiki is the only tiki leader who acts like he can still fight after defeat.
  • Xylophone is one of the of the few tikis that does not look like his instrument name says.

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