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Yoshi's Island DS is the direct sequel of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. This game has fewer levels, but has updated graphics, new babies (in addition to the classic babies), and a whole new adventure. The graphics still retain the trademark "pen and pencil" style of the original.

One of its new features is a museum of enemies in the game accessible at any time. In this museum all the enemies the Yoshis have defeated with Yoshi Eggs will appear here.


  • Baby Mario – M Blocks can become stepping stones. A Yoshi can also dash at a great speed, allowing the Yoshi to escape from certain enemies. Yoshi can flutter farther than normal. His eggs bouce off walls.
  • Baby Peach – With her parasol, Yoshi is able to flutter further and a bit higher. Her parasol can catch wind currents. Her eggs don't bounce off walls.
  • Baby Donkey Kong – He can climb vines and chains, carrying Yoshi with him. He can also do a DK Dash Attack, defeating most enemies. His eggs don't bounce, but they go faster and create a miniature explosion that can grab more coins and even defeat enemies.
  • Baby Wario – He carrying a magnet that attracts coins facing it (even through solid walls) and can move Magnet Blocks and Magnet Platforms. His eggs will bounce off of walls.
  • Baby Bowser – He can breathe fire, but Yoshi cannot swallow any enemies. Often, though, a fire blast has the strength of an egg and the ability to melt ice, but the blasts don't bounce off walls.

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